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About Us

Suzhou Tenglong Technical Co.,Ltd (Suzhou Qilin Pharm-Chemicals Research Co., Ltd.) is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, is a leading chemical company, rated as “Private high-tech enterprises of Jiangsu province” and “High-tech enterprises of Suzhou Industrial Park” in 2011.
Our company dedicates to researching and developing pharmaceutical intermediates. We offer over 500 catalog compounds, from lab-scale to hundreds of kilograms, even metric tons scale, mainly specialize in Benzoic acid Series, Organic silicon Series, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Series, Chromanone derivatives etc.. In addition to the catalog products, we also provide custom synthesis and custom manufacturing services.
The Park has completed facility including kinds of professional equipment: NMR、HPLC、LC-MS , which make us to control our quality strictly and provide excellent service to our customers. As a professional chemical company, something we always keep in mind- quality& price, professionally & efficiency, and reliability & reputation. We will provide the best quality and the lowest price products for our global customers.

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